Local Government Service Commission Demands Office Space


By Makutu Manneh

The Chairperson of the Local Government Service Commission, while appearing before the Local Government Commission of Inquiry, said the commission wants to have its own office space to efficiently conduct its work.

Jallow appeared before inquiry commission on Thursday, 1 June.

Chairperson Momodou Jallow said they do not have their own Secretariat, adding that they encounter problems with their records because they do not have their own record system.

Space is a problem [and] record keeping is also another problem. We need to have our own filing system – we need to have our own place where we keep these files, we need to have our own office outside the ministry,” he said.

He added: “To get some documents, you have to go through the ministry’s files which is why we want our own office.”

Jallow said his commission is accommodated at the Office of the Director of Governance and that the office they are occupying is not conducive for them.

Jallow testified that all the cases coming to them should have their own filing system for easy references.

“We want to put the commission’s operations on a sound footing…. space is a problem and even personnel,” he said.

He said they have engaged the Ministry of Local Government to include it in the national budget so that it will be resolved. He added that the lack of space is hindering their performance.

He submitted that there was no handing over from the previous leadership of the Commission to him, adding that he requested for files of the former Commission, but only one file was provided by the Commission’s Secretary.

He said they have discussed the need to review some of the policy documents and that he has informed the Permanent Secretary about the documents.

On the issue of transfer of personnel at the councils, Jallow informed the commission of inquiry that the Ministry can make proposals as an oversight body for a particular staff to be transferred, but the final decision rests on the Local Government Service Commission, noting that the Commission can make transfers, too.