They live no stone unturned in detaining, murdering and maiming the citizenry and further rejecting the paltriest electoral reform so that they would continue to have full grip of political power as long as it remains possible for them to do so. On the other hand, those who prepare for life after the presidency would see themselves as servants of the people who act with magnanimity to protect the liberty of each and enhance the prosperity of all. Such people would conceive power as a transient phenomenon which could be given up without hesitation or fear. They would promote electoral reform, allow free and fair elections to be conducted and peacefully hand over country if they happen to lose an election. They become heroes and heroines when they are alive and martyrs when they die. No one could live forever. Hence none could be a president forever. Only tyrants without conscience could live the false life of being a demigod. Hence they become pariahs when they are alive and villains of history when they die. The release of prisoners who were staring death in the face will bring great joy to their families and a twinkle of hope to those who want sanity to prevail in the Gambia that all is not lost and that we must keep hope alive. Foroyaa has been calling families to find out whether those detained without trial are released.  Abdoulie Ceesay is reported to be abducted or kidnapped again after IFJ reported that he was tortured. The local press is not being fully informed of the conditions of his abduction and the state of his medical report.  He should be released by his abductors without delay. The Government should proceed with the introduction of the Bill to establish the Human Rights Institution so that the human rights environment could be improved. The Elections (Amendment) Bill 2015 and the Bill to extend the death penalty to crimes not resulting in the death of another person should be thrown in the dustbin. Discussion should start with the opposition on constitutional and electoral reform which should include commitment to a two term limit like most countries in West Africa. This is the way forward.  ]]>