The defeat of President Jammeh at the polls and his acceptance of the result have thrust a sense of liberty upon Gambians. All of a sudden a new reality has dawned upon them.

They discovered what they had never anticipated, that they can express themselves outside the four walls of a room without the need to look around for would-be spies. A great many from all walks of life and every corner of the country are in a festive mood. Many could not believe what has happened, they are just happy that a dream has come true. As one man put it he has just been resurrected from the dead.

All sectors of society are affected. Institutions are gradually catching up with the new reality and none of them wants to be left behind, not even the judiciary.

As for the international scene the unthinkable has happened and they have not hesitated to take advantage of the pleasant surprise in expressing their solidarity and willingness to work with the new power that be.