Let The Rule Of Law Prevail


It is in the interest of every body in this country that peace and tranquility prevail. We have gone through intense nomination and campaign that took three weeks during which huge crowds of supporters traversed the streets without incident.

In any election irregularities of one sort or another should be anticipated and mere irregularities do not necessarily lead to annulling an election. What is of significance is the extent of the irregularities and how it affects the outcome of the election. If the irregularities are substantive and can affect the outcome of the election the aggrieved candidate can petition the courts for redress. It is the courts that have power to overturn the results of an election not the demonstrators on the street who may end up clashing with the police, resulting to injuries and arrests.

It makes more sense for the aggrieved demonstrator to devote his or her time to collecting evidence for a case within ten days after the election than to engage in street protests which may lead to arrests, casualties and hospitalization.

Hence acting in accordance with the law is in the best interest of the aggrieved protestor and the peace and tranquility of the country. Let us therefore be guided by the rule of law.