All the citizens of a country must have basic political education before one can have a genuine republic. The greatest tragedy of the African Continent is to have people occupying political office without having basic political education.

A country without a state cannot have hospitals, doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, orderlies and all those employees who make health delivery a possibility. A country without a state will not have schools, roads, electricity, water supply systems and other public amenities that make life possible. People who manage the affairs of a state must know its constitution, its institutions, administrative and management structures in order deliver all forms of public services. This knowledge about the state is what is called political science.

Like all sciences the facts and factors that govern its nature and characteristics must be studied. Any leader who discourages citizens from studying the nature and characteristics of constitution, its institutions, administrative and management structures and normative systems of a state cannot be serious about managing the affairs of a modern government in the 21st century.

Hence if the young people are to shape a future Gambia they must be groomed to basic citizenship and political education in order to manage the affairs of their country. Any generation that is deprived of such education is a failed generation.