Lawyer Darboe Says UDP Cannot Be Accused of Negligence amid Report Police Found Cannabis in One of Their Vehicles


By Nelson Manneh

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) said on Monday that his party cannot be accused of negligence amid report that Police found suspected cannabis in one of their vehicles.

 Lawyer Darboe said UDP had no control over their vehicles which were under the care of a mechanic, who was repairing them.

“No one can blame UDP for not exercising control and for being negligent,” he added.

Lawyer Darboe said the mechanic named Mr Darboe is part of UDP and has been rendering such services to the party.

In explaining the incident, Lawyer Darboe, who was narrating what he was told, said in the early hours of Saturday, 17th April 2021 someone who worked at Mr. Darboe’s garage took one of the vehicles and went to the road, when he came across a check point, he did not stop because he was not having his driving license and that caused an alarm to the police officers who were at that check point.

He said the driver was later apprehended by the police and at the point of the arrest no search was conducted, that he was removed from the UDP vehicle while the police drove the UDP vehicle to Bundung police station.

Ousainou Darboe said his party has always been against crime in this country.

“In my carrier as a lawyer, I have refused to defend anybody who is accused of drug cases,” Darboe said.

He said it is not fair to link the party to the incident. He said he got security tip that Momodou Sabally, Ebrima Dibba, Karafa Sonko, Yakumba Jaiteh and himself should be careful because there are plans to plant drugs in their vehicles to disqualify him from taking part in the upcoming elections.