Lawyer Cross-examines in Kumba Sinyan’s Murder Trial


By Kemeseng Sanneh (KEXX)

Lawyer Sagar Twum for Kumba Sinyan Thursday cross-examined late Lamarana Jallow’s roommate.

Alhagie Sonko, the witness said he knew Lamarana Jallow (deceased) since at the time both of them were 8 years old. He testified that he had lived with Lamarana in the same room for so many years.

The witness reiterated his testimony the deceased and the accused person (Kumba) were in a relationship for four (4) years. He said he cannot remember the year it started. He refuted Lawyer Sagar’s statement that the relationship only submitted for only two (2) years.

Lawyer Twum’s questions were mainly about the dates of the different incidents he narrated during his evidence-in-chief before the main incident but the witness said he cannot remember the dates.

The witness said Lama used to complain about the accused person because she used to take his phone and go through his contacts and messages. He added Kumba used to call some of the contacts in Lamarana’s phone.

The witness said he was not aware of any incident in which the deceased cheated on the accused person. Lawyer Twum insisted that the witness knew about it but he maintained his statement that he is not aware.

Still, Lawyer S. Twum said the deceased used physically, verbally and sexually abuse the accused person but the witness denied having such knowledge.

“Am putting it to you that Lama sexually abused the accused,” Lawyer S. Twum said.

“Am not aware of it,” the witness answered.

“Am putting it to you that when you were sleeping, Lama was physically and sexually assaulting the accused person,” Lawyer Twum said.

“I am not aware of that and when I woke up I did not see them in that manner,” the witness answered.

The witness added: “I saw Lama was sitting and Kumba was having a bottle.”

The witness denied the Lawyer’s statement that Lama was insulting Kamba. Lawyer Twum said Lamarana punched the accused person a lot of times on her stomach adding at the time she was pregnant. She said Lama wanted Kumba to abort her pregnancy which she refused that’s why he beat her up. The witness answered in the negative. The Lawyer said the punches resulted in Kumba’s miscarriage.

The Lawyer said Kumba Sinyan was acting in self defence.

The case was adjourned to Thursday, 23rd February 2023 12 pm.