Late Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara’s Family Sue His Son over Property


By Yankuba Jallow

Members of late President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara have sued his son, Mr Dawda Kairaba Jawara over several properties of the deceased (Sir Dawda).

The matter will be coming before the Kanifing Islamic (Cadi) Court on the 20th October 2021. The matter was brought by Foday Sheriff Jawara, Ebrima Jawara, Lady Chilel Jawara and Ramatoulie Jawara all members of the late President. Their claim is for inheritance over the late President’s estate, properties and other assets. According to the summons, there are 15 heirs to the late President’s estates, assets and other properties.

The late head of state passed away on the 27th August 2019 in Fajara, Kanifing Municipality.

The estates they are seeking to distribute are; his shares at the Standard Chartered Bank Gambia Limited (3047,408 shares), his shares at the Trust Bank Gambia Limited (433,333 shares) his shares at CFAO Gambia Limited, cash at Standard Chartered Bank Gambia Limited, cash at Trust Bank Gambia Limited, cash at Access Bank Gambia Limited, cash at BSIC Bank Gambia Limited, cash at Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Limited, rents received from a property in Banjul, rents received from a property in Brikama and the Standard Chartered Bank dividends 2019.

Also, they said the following properties and assets remain undistributed;

Property situated at Lasso Walf and Grant Street in Banjul, property situated at 40 Atlantic Boulevard in Fajara where Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara used to rest until he passed away, property situated at Brikama in West Coast Region, Leo Agro-Marketing Company Limited 3,500 shares, cash held at Natwest Bank in the United kingdom, cash received from properties in Brikama and Banjul, one Mitsubishi Native vehicle, one Mercedes-Benz ML vehicle and one Mercedes-Benz E200 vehicle.

The heirs are; Ajaratou Lady Chilel Jawara (wife) resident in England, Ajaratou Lady N’jaimeh Jawara (wife) resident in England, Dawda Kairaba Jawara (son) resident in Senegal, Almami Jawara (son) resident in England, Kawsu Immanuel Jawara (son) resident in England, Momodou Musa Jawara (son), Fatoumata Jawara (daughter) resident in England, Mariama Jawara (daughter) resident in England,  Dr N’jaimeh Asamoah-Owusu (daughter) resident in England, Mustapha Jawara (son), Housainatou Jawara (son) resident in England, Foday Sheriff Jawara (son), Ebrima Jawara (son), Chilel Jawara (daughter) resident in England and Ramatoulie Jawara (daughter) resident in England.

The Cadi Court has ordered for Mr Dawda Kairaba Jawara to respond on or before the date scheduled for the case to be mentioned.