Lang Tombong’s/Sarjor Fofana’s Appeal to Supreme Court in progress


By Rohey Jadama The appeal of the former Chief of Defence Staff of The Gambia Armed Forces Lang and SarjorLt. General Lang Tombong Tamba and ex- Commander of naval staff, Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana to The Supreme Court of The Gambia was yesterday 27th April adjourned till today Wednesday for adoption of briefs. Yesterday’s proceeding in a crowded courtroom was presided over by a panel of five judges headed by the Chief Justice, Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan. When the case was called, Counsel Lamin K Mboge, counsel for Sarjo Fofana told the court that there is a motion on notice that has been filed by the state. “My lord I intend to reply to the brief.  And I will reply it tomorrow”, said defence Counsel Mboge. However, Sheriff Tambadou, counsel for Lang Tombong Tamba told the court that he has already filed his brief and that he doesn’t need to file anything again. The case resumes on Wednesday 29th of April for adoption of briefs and hearing. Both appellants are challenging the decision of the trial court (High Court) which convicted and sentenced them for treason. Upon their conviction and sentence by the said court, both appellants filed an appeal before the Gambia Court of Appeal against their conviction and sentence by the trial court in Banjul but the criminal appeal was dismissed. This has led them to appeal to the Supreme Court. The two appellants had appeared before the same court on 11 November 2014 upon which it was adjourned sine die to allow the filing of papers for the appeal. A good number of family members and sympathizers were in court and security was very tight. Lang Tombong and Sarjo Fofana were found guilty on all four counts of treason related charges regarding the 2006 foiled coup plot. The presiding judge sentenced Tamba and Fofana as follows: 20 years for conspiracy, 20 years for treason and 10 years for each of the two counts of concealment of treason. Since the sentences run concurrently, both men will spend 20 years in jail for these offences.]]>