Land Dispute in Nioro Jarrol Leads to Destruction of Crops


By Louise Jobe 

A looming land dispute in Nioro Jarrol has led to an angry mob invading and destroying the farms of the villagers on Saturday 26th August 2023.

The mob comprises villagers from Jarrol and Arankoly Kunda.

Led by the Chief of Foni Jarrol District Sulayman Sanyang, Alkalo of Jarrol village Sutayring Tamba and the Alkalo of Arankoly Kunda village Sangiba Sambou, the villagers said the invading group aggressively and forcefully entered their already cultivated farmlands and destroyed their fast growing crops like millet and maize.

Foroyaa has been keenly following the development unfolding in that area. The area of land in dispute was a farmland of Abdoulie Jobe and Bala Jobe. 

Abdoulie Jobe said the Chief and his people claimed that they came to demarcate the place for another person they sold the land to. Jobe said the reason why there was no reaction by the residence of Nioro Jarrol was because the Chief came with a large crowd. Jobe said the residents stood helpless and were watching them. 

It is believed that the Chief is demarcating plots for some Indian investors who want to have a garden in the area.

Reliable sources informed the reporter that the Chief ordered for Bala Jobe to be re-arrested and taken to Kalaji Police Station, but the police refused to keep him. He was taken to Bondali Station and they also refused to detain him. Foroyaa had reported the previous detention of Bala Jobe for four (4) days by the police under the instruction of the Chief.

Bala Jobe was still reporting to Bondali Police Station until Saturday 26 August 2023. His arrest was as a result of removing some of the pegs put at his millet farmland.