Land dispute in Kunkujang Mariama before Kombo South District Tribunal


By Nelson Manneh Mr. Samuel Mendy, a native of Kunkujang Mariama in Kombo North district and who resides in Lamin, has summoned one Mr. Gibba Jabang, a native of Sanyang, to the Gunjur District Tribunal on Wednesday, 9 August, 2015. Mr. Mendy told the tribunal under the chairmanship of the chief that he hailed from Kunkujang Mariama. He said he bought a piece of land in Lamin village and stayed there with his family while his brothers and sisters are still staying in their family compound in Kunkujang. He said in the weekend of every end of month he goes to the village for to see his relatives. Mr. Mendy told the tribunal that on the 28 August, 2015 when he was going for a weekend he saw some sign boards on their land with some telephone numbers. He said he then called the numbers and got one Gibba Sanyang, who he asked about the sign boards and that Mr. Sanyang told him to go to his compound in Sanyang. ‘’When I went there at first, he did not allow me to enter into his compound. It was only when one Mr. Jobarteh, the Director of Community Development, talked to him that he accepted me in and when I entered. We discussed and he said the said land belongs to him and if I want he can give me 200 by 200 meters and if I do not accept it, then he will take it all,’’ said Mr. Mendy. He told the tribunal that the said the land belongs to his father and if Mr. Jabang knows that the land belongs to him why then did he not complain about it earlier. When the district chief and tribunal chair asked Mr. Mendy about the size of the said land, he responded that he did not know. The chief said since none of them is staying in the village where the said land is situated, then they will be going there together with Mr. Mendy and Mr. Jabang with each of them bringing along two witnesses on Monday 14 September, 2015, in order for them to measure the said land and also to know the topography of the land. After this, he added, they will then schedule another date for continuation of hearing.  ]]>