Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lac2: ‘I Won the Fight, It’s Clear to Everyone’


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By Sulayman Bah

Lac2 Guier claims he clearly won Saturday’s wrestling combat against Boy Niang.

Last weekend’s battle had many talking after an action ensued in the dying minutes of a duel the referee said was a stalemate.

Controversy emerged after Boy Niang went for Lac as grappling ensued. Lac2 reacted trying to pull his adversary forward to send him falling.

On reading the move well, Niang attempted to balance, Lac2 instead technically on the right as both crashed in the sands. Several video angles of the action showed Niang landing on all ‘fours’ which in Senegal’s contentious wrestling rules tantamount to a defeat.

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Consequently, Geudiawaye-based Lac is claiming victory on this ground amid reports initiative has been taken by his camp to appeal the arbiter’s draw verdict into victory in his favour.

Photo: The controversy –Niang (left) appeared to have gone on all fours

And harping soon after the duel, he said: ‘It’s clear to everyone I won the fight. I will encourage him (Niang) to accept defeat. It is sportsmanship.’

Outcome of Saturday’s epic encounter had been predicted from get-set-go with both wrestlers being defensive minded.

Lac came on the receiving end of derides for failing to take up the initiative to lead the fight head on.

Responding to this allegation, he says: ‘whoever says I did not fight is entitled to their opinion. We fought and I went for him.’

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