Sunday, August 14, 2022

Lac 2: ‘I respect this Bout More than Anything’


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By Sulayman Bah

Wrestler Lac de Guier II says he respects his fight with Boy Niang Ii more than more anything in his career.

Lac’s comment comes in the wake of his recent face-to-face with Boy Niang.

The pair are scheduled to tussle it out 14th July following months of intense preparations.

‘I respect this bout more than anything in my career and to think you’re going to have it easy,  then you must be joking,’ lac charged his adversary to which Boy Niang responded , ‘it won’t be long till we find out.’

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Both wrestlers are known to be tactical and defensive amid predictions the duel could consume more than the anticipated time.

Boy Niang has battered virtually all heavyweights of the Guediawaye town with the exception of Balla Gaye II whom he’s keen to fix his gaze on.

However, he must shove aside Lac II to stand chance of facing Balla.

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