Kuntaur Fulakunda residents invited by Police, asked to go home


By Kebba Jeffang
Foroyaa has been informed that many residents of Kuntaur Fulakunda were invited at Kuntaur police station on Monday, 28th September, 2015 after holding a meeting in the village to talk about the impending “Alkaloship” crisis.The source indicated that many of village elders, including the Imam, were asked to report to the police station but were later told to go home without any charges.
According to the source, the atmosphere in the village as of yesterday was calm but added that the villagers have not accepted the appointment of the new “Alkalo” by the District Chief.
It was however reported in the Foroyaa, a fortnight ago, that some residents of the said village have indicated their disapproval of the appointment of Sulayman Jawo as the new village “Alkalo” by the Chief of Niani District Pierre Bah which they claim is not in accordance with set procedure.
However, when contacted, Mr Bah, Chief of Niani District, said the appointment of “Alkalo” is based on the Local Government Act. He said he appointed Sulayman Jawo because the latter had expressed interest in becoming “alkalo,” adding that Samba Jawo had never announced his interest for the position to him.
“I appointed the one who expressed his interest to me to be the “Alaklo” of Kuntaur Fula Kunda,” said the Chief.
However, when he was also contacted on the phone, Samba Jawo disagreed with what the chief said and maintained that he has expressed his interest to become “Alkalo” to him. He said the village Imam was his witness, adding that the villagers requested and preferred him as “Alkalo” and this is the reason why he accepted it.
When Sulayman Jawo, the “Alkalo” appointed by the Chief, was contacted, he declined to make any comment on the issue on the phone unless the reporter goes there.
As for the Regional Governor of Central River Region (CRR), Omar Khan, he said the appointment is in line with due process as yard owners voted for Sulayman Jawo as “Alkalo.”