Kumba Sinyan to Open Defence in Murder Trial


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Kumba Sinyan, a lady standing trial for allegedly killing her boyfriend (Lamarana Jallow), will open her defence on the 15 of April 2024.

The prosecution had already called ten (10) witnesses and tendered several exhibits to prove her guilt. Kumba Sinyan is facing a single count of murder. The prosecution alleged that she killed her boyfriend, Lamarana Jallow, by cutting his stomach with a razor blade, which caused his death. The alleged incident occurred at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau in September 2022.

It is her turn to open her defence to justify her action or prove her innocence. Opening defence means Kumba Sinyan will testify to explain her side of the story and call other witnesses if she wishes. She denied the charge against her. The latest witness to testify in the case was a doctor from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), who conducted a post-mortem on Lamarana Jallow.

The pathologist said he conducted both internal and external examinations to determine the cause of death and subsequently prepared a report detailing his findings.

The medical report was tendered and admitted as evidence. The doctor, who is also a lecturer, said the results showed that there was internal penetration and huge blood was found around Lamarana’s heart. He said he discovered a piece of cloth in Lamarana’s mouth measuring 18 by 20 centimetres in size. He added that Late Lamarana’s small intestine was protruding due to a cut in the stomach.

Under Cross-examination by defence counsel Sagarr Twum, the witness said the post-mortem was conducted after two (2) days and a half. When asked why it took a long duration before the result was signed, the doctor explained that due to the volume of examinations he performs, he only signs reports when the authorities request them, noting that international testing sometimes take up to 3 months for results.

After the cross-examination, the prosecuting counsel informed the court that they had closed their case. The court set aside dates for the defence to open its case. The case will be coming on the 15th of April at noon, the 24 of April at 11 am, the 25th of April at 11 am and the 26th of April at 10 am.

If the defence closes its case, the court will order both the defence and prosecution counsels to file their written arguments and then the court will fix a date for judgment.