Kora Maestro Alleges Threats from an Unknown Caller


Matter said to be under Police investigation

By Hatab Nyang

Pa Bobo Jobarteh, a renowned kora player and song writer, alleged that he received threats from an unknown caller that he will be seriously hurt or killed, if he releases his new song called ‘MANSA KEH’.

According to Pa Bobo, it was one afternoon when he received a call from an unknown number who asked him to meet him at the Brikama Nyambai forest in order to receive something from him; adding that the unknown caller said he should not come with anyone when coming to the said forest.

“I asked the caller to explain why he chose Nyambai forest as the only place in the country for us to me just to receive what he wants to give me, but the unknown caller changed the topic and condemned me of instigating violence and that I should be mindful not to destroy Gambia with misinformation,’’ Pa Bobo said; adding that the caller alleged that he was provoking the president with his new song.

Pa Bobo said he asked the unknown caller what he was alleging him for, but the caller just appealed to him not to release his new single. Pa Bobo said when he asked him why, the caller responded that it may  motivate many people to vote against the incumbent President Adama Barrow, which can make him lose the  presidential elections in December.

Pa Bobo said he asked the unknown caller who sent him and where he came from. He responded without hesitation that he was from Mankamang Kunda, the birth place of Adama Barrow. 

If readers can recall, this is not the first time that Pa Bobo has released such a song before a presidential election in the Gambia. The same artist wrote a similar song shortly before the presidential elections in 2016, and because of that song, he fled to Senegal to save his life.

Pa Bobo spoke to this reporter saying how worried he is about his life.

“I am very much worried about my life. Even some of my love ones advised me not to go out particularly at night,’’ he said; indicating clearly that he did not mention anyone in his song, and does not understand why some people have to take it personal. This reporter called police to confirm the veracity of the story before going to press, but no respond was given. However, Foroyaa will continue to investigate the matter.