KMC Provides Free Eye, ENT Screening


By Assan Bah

The Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) in collaboration with Etiole Du Lac of Senegal, Kali Vision Outreach of Senegal over the weekend provided free eye, ear, nose and throat (ENT) examination to over four-hundred people at the KMC headquarters in Kanifing.

The initiative, which is part of the Mayor’s partnership with the Etiole Du Lac, was a two-day activity covering Saturday and Sunday, and part of the partnership was also to provide free eye glasses to the examined patients.

Mr Abdou Joof, the Head of the Medical Team from Senegal, said they see it as a major problem for many to afford eye glasses.

“We do consultations and give out eye glasses as we know it is major problem for many to get quality eye glasses because it is expensive for patients to afford,” he said.

Joof added that they have scanned over four-hundred (400) individuals and made recommendations and prescription for others. He said they will provide those in need of eye glasses. “After here [the consultation], we will send the results to the US where their each eye glass will be made in accordance with the individual’s prescription. We are estimating the process to last for a maximum two weeks and they will be quality glasses,” he stated.

He advised the beneficiaries to use the glasses accordingly as he said every eye glass will be for one person, stressing that “people cannot share glasses, everybody should take good care of his or her glass because they are not very cheap and they make your life easier”.

Cllr. Matty Kanyi – Sambou, Nominated Chancellor for Women & Children, KMC, said the Mayor pioneered this initiative to bring doctors on eye, ear, nose and throat to address prevailing problems of Gambians. He said it is becoming a major problem to Gambians to see a doctor which is expensive.

She said: “Even though the initiative is spearheaded by KMC, we have received patients almost from all the other regions such as Banjul, West Coast and even Basse in the Upper River Region (URR). We should, therefore, all see ourselves as one nation.

“It is true that the leaders cannot provide cash or money to everyone, but they can bring these kinds of initiatives where many can benefit from because health is everything.”

 “This is the first time that we are hosting an initiative but it would not be last,” the councilor added.