A woman in the service of the PIU was shot by a gunman and is now in intensive care. All effort should be made to save her life and finally award a service medal to her and her other two male colleagues who should receive post humus medals after being shot dead.

 What type of mind would direct a person to take a gun and deliberately aim at a fellow human being who is just serving a country for a living and shoot him dead in cold blood? How could a human being with a heart live with that memory of   being a killer who makes family members and friends to mourn their death in deep grief?

This inexplicable crime must be discussed and exposed by all the media houses and any trial of those arrested should be covered to know what gives a person a killer psyche so that we could better nurture our citizens to have regard for human life which is the most precious possession that anybody could have. The lost is irreparable and the country should mourn and work towards preventing any recurrence.

Killers have no place in human society. The law of the jungle is not fit for human beings. It does not even fit beasts.