Kemeseng Sanneh And The Two Legs Of Justice


When Kemeseng was arraigned before court the media circulated the accusation of giving false information to a public officer. Accusation is one form of justice.      

Interestingly enough he did appear in court yesterday with his lawyer to listen for the accusers to prove their case and for him to defend his innocence. The accusers were nowhere to be found.

He or she who asserts must prove is a fundamental maxim of law. Providing evidence to justify accusation is a second element of justice.

The media must therefore not be sensational about accusation. Media practitioners should be keen in presuming the innocence of an accused persons until they plead or are proven guilty.

Foroyaa has reliably learnt that since his activation Kemeseng Sanneh has never jumped bail and that after being tired of reporting on police bail he decided to write to the office of the solicitor general for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to take over the case so that there can be no delay in the delivery of justice.

The whole world should now follow this case in order to be able to determine the quality of justice in our courts after the 2016 change. The objectives of having quality courts in a democratic society is to prevent justice from delayed or denied. Foroyaa will continue to follow and report on this case without prejudice.