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By Mustapha Jallow
Following an incident which occurred near the premises of the BanjulKekuta Sanneh
high court on Monday, 9 May 2016, while the trial of Ousainou Darboe
and the 18 other UDP members was proceeding, one Kekuta Sanneh was
eventually hospitalised as a result of injuries sustained in an
altercation with the members of the security who were around.Visiting the Edward Francis Small Hospital in Banjul on Tuesday, this
reporter met with Sanneh who confirmed that he was beaten by two
Police Intervention Unit (PIU) personnel who asked him to leave the
area where he was standing outside the court premises.

“They started heating me very hard with their sticks on my head until
I became unconscious, as I only knew where I was when I woke up in a
hospital,” said Sanneh.

Mr. Sanneh, who was soaked in blood, was taken by some people among
the crowd to the hospital.

“I sustained serious cuts on my head and my whole body is paining me
as a result of the beatings,” he revealed.

Mr. Sanneh’s wife, who was sitting beside the hospital bed, said it
came to her as a shock when she was informed that her husband was
taken to the hospital.

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She expressed concern about his state of health.

His wife expressed concerns about the situation of her husband because
she was shock when she received the information.

In the same ward with Mr. Sanneh is a PIU personnel who was also said
to have sustained injuries during the fracas near the high court.

This reporter will contact the police Public Relation Officer (PRO) to
find out about these two patients who are hospitalized as well as those reported
to have been arrested on Monday near the PIU headquarters in Kanifing.

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