The village of Karunorr less than a kilometre from the border is now undergoing unsettling moments. Low flying drones at the border and frequent gunshots near the border indicate to the residents that they could not take it as business as usual. Many people in the area are now afraid to go to their orchards.

It is not clear which forces are responsible for the shooting. What is however important to take note of is the high degree of insecurity of people in Karunorr. It is evident that the Casamance border is still within a zone of conflict and until the conflict is settled those living near the border will continue to pay the price of having their human security threatened. It is the duty of the government to protect the human security of the citizen. We hope a special task force would be set up to conduct investigation on activities of persons living near the border. This should be followed by negotiations to establish proper boundaries for the two countries. This will go a long way in dispelling the fear.