Justice Ministry Welcomes International Court Decision 


The Ministry of Justice on behalf of The Gambia through a press release dated 22nd July, 2022 in The Gambia v Mynmar Case, welcomes the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the Preliminary Objections.

In the statement, the Ministry said The Gambia welcomes the decision of the International Court of Justice, which ruled overwhelmingly in favour of The Gambia in its case against Myanmar for the Rohingya genocide.

The ICJ rejected all four of Myanmar’s preliminary objections to the Court’s jurisdiction. It affirmed The Gambia’s right, as a State Party to the Genocide Convention, to hold Myanmar to account to its obligations under the Convention not to commit genocide, to prevent genocide, and to punish genocide. The Gambia now looks forward to the merits phase of this case, where the Court will have to decide whether acts of genocide occurred, and if Myanmar is responsible for those crimes.

“The Gambia is committed to pursuing justice and accountability, at home and abroad, and it is proud to lead this international effort for accountability for the Rohingya genocide,” the release added.