Justice Minister Says Constitutional Building Process in Motion


By: Kebba AF Touray

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dawda A Jalow, said Tuesday Government has commenced the constitutional building process to usher in a new constitution.

The minister made this statement on June 13, while responding to concerns raised by the country’s lawmakers.

He said: “We have set the resumption of the constitutional building process in motion already, but there are some preliminary steps it requires before it comes to the national assembly. These things are being worked on.”

According to Jallow, the President is committed to ushering in the draft constitution, as it helps to fulfil the aspirations of the people as well as strengthens the country’s democracy.

Minister Jallow added that the bill would soon be gazetted and tabled before parliamentarians.

“Hopefully, in your next session, we should be able to reach an advanced stage, probably it would have been gazetted by that time or you will be aware of the consultations that are going on, leading to the introduction of the Bill,” he said.

Fisheries Minister, Musa Drammeh, said government would explore alternatives to provide trawlers to Gambians for employment opportunities in the country.

However, he acknowledges the Ministry has not provided fishing trawlers to unemployed youth.

He added, “We are currently reviewing the regulations to be able to increase the percentage of Gambians employed in the current fishing trawlers that are fishing in our waters, and very soon we will come out with the adjusted regulation, that will give us the opportunity for many of the unemployed youth to be employed”