Saturday, November 27, 2021

Justice Minister On Immigration, Other Issues


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By: Kebba AF Touray

Mr. Abubaccar Tambadou, the Gambia’s Justice Minister said migration is a complex and multi-faceted issue that requires a multi-sectoral approach.

Mr. Tambadou made this assertion at the National Assembly last week, while responding to issues raised by the MPs on behalf of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Ousainou Darboe. On migration Mr. Tambadou said a Ministerial taskforce has been put in place to coordinate Government’s approach and response to the various facets of migration issues, citing it as complex and multi-faceted, requiring a coordinated multi-sectorial approach.

‘‘Under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is an inter-ministerial committee that has been established to coordinate the issue”, he said

Mr. Tambadou said he is informed and believes that the money used on the conference center, could have been used for other purposes, but that it is an opportunity for every program or action; that the conference will allow the country to host sub-regional and international conferences which creates benefits for the country, such as allowing the country to host the forthcoming Organization of Islamic Cooperation conference and the ECOWAS conferences among the many other benefits, which in the long term will be good for the country.

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On Libya Mr. Tambadou said the Foreign Affairs Ministry on behalf of Government, has issued a statement condemning the human market place of sub Saharan Africans taking place in Libya; that under the leadership of the AU’s Humanitarian Affairs Unit, an investigative mission has visited Libya and are now compiling their report on the issue and that Government is fully supportive of these efforts.

Mr. Tambadou said he is informed that funds are available for the flag cars in London and it is left to the Embassy to procure one; that he is also informed that the Foreign Affairs Ministry is doing everything humanely possible, to ensure Gambian Foreign Embassies are catered for with all that they need, to properly represent the country in their respective countries of assignment, in a dignified manner.

“Every effort is being made to ensure that a flag car is available to all the country’s Embassies, wherever they are, in the world”, he said.

He informed members that since the installation of the new regime, there has been no single report of neglect of Gambians abroad and the Embassies also understand that their primary responsibilities include taking care of Gambians wherever they may be.

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