Sunday, August 1, 2021

Journalists And The State


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The state can either be an instrument of protection or an instrument of coercion in the hands of oppressors of the people. In a genuine democracy, the state cannot be used by oppressors, civilian or military, to subjugate the people.

As Gambia is in a process of transition, those who manage state affairs must give commitment to ensure that all citizens abide by the dictate of reason, conscience and the national interest. Squabbles in support of interest groups should not lead to violation of the rights of citizens.

Journalists are first and foremost interested in facts. Even where one’s interest is at stake, the journalist has the duty to publish the truth in good faith in the public interest. Without journalists, access to information will be extremely difficult though not impossible.
Progressive laws are welcome. However they could only serve the public interest if knowledge and information are democratized. Gambia should come off age. It is an irrefutable fact that journalists are indispensable in our current world order.

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