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“Jongaama! Luumu Johonye Loluula!” (Beauty Queen! Gets What She Wants!) Part 1


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By Amie Sillah Synopsis She chooses men she desires and dumps them as she lists, she meets a hard Jongaamanut to crack, and she finally cracks him at all cost but can she keep him? Read to find out about the Ancient Law of Khmer! Her Story Three friends Shasha, Hamsata and Mberry, society refers to them as ‘The triplets’; they all relocated to the city from the countryside and rented a duplet where they reside. They are three stunning damsels, single and searching. They’ve just come from an outing and sharing notes. Hamsata “Shasha! This is a gift for you.”    “What gift are you talking about and from whom?” “Read the address and find out,” Sata posited. She hissed when she knows the sender. “Where is it from?” Mberry asked. “From that hopeless, illiterate Alhajj who left his three local, illiterate wives at the village and stay at the city in search of a sophisticated, educated babe like me to give him a ‘male’ child. Can you imagine?” Sha! Allah has given you a special gift for any man whom you desire to follow you as your puppet no matter his position in life. Aren’t you lucky?” Mberry asked. Hamsata concurred and added, “Didn’t you see how this rich man left his three wives at the village comes to the city and follow the ‘She-Goddess’ as a faithful dog? You are too much babe!” “You need not worry my sisters, you know why?” Sha asked. “Why?” the friends asked. “Because I’ll just milk him dry and throw him away as tissue paper.” “I just pitied that poor man who has dumped his three traditional wives at the village and come to the city to be treated as a nobody by She-Goddess;’ thumb up!” The sisters salute Sha. Rose She worksas a secretary to the CEO of Petroleum Company. She is also a simple devoted Christian girl of the Catholic Sect. Her parents stay and work in England and she stays with her sister Matam whom she sees through school and she is very obedient to her. She wrote an application letter for Richie and they prayed for it to be the last letter she will write for him seeking for a job. “God put smile on our faces, amen!” Richard (Richie)    He is Rose’s fiancé who is an accountant, a fresh graduate searching for job. The Surprise “Amen O! Amen!”He stood at the door as he startled them. He stood behind Rose’s chair with a smile as she got up and hugged him. “I am very tired of you playing pranks with me,” Richie protested. “I wrote the application letter for you,” Rose disclosed. “I was surprised I am not interested in seeking for any job now, I am tired of roaming around the streets searching for job.” “I am confident that this time around it will be different,” Rose posited. “I am very sorry not to bother you with it again.” Richie drew her to his chest and said, “I am very sorry for yelling at you.” Rose sealed his lips and said, “Shut up! It is okay.” Sha with Mberry Her car got break down and they came out to seek for help from passers- by. “Let us call for a cab,” Mberry suggested. “Cab! No! No! I can’t also call for mechanic,” Sha posited. “Then what are we going to do naughty babe?” “I know what to do.” “Then go ahead and do it as the sun is scorching and burning our skin. Alhajj Bangaly He relocated his third wife to the city to live with him. They have four girls; first wife has eight girls and second has six girls. He is frustrated. “Who is going to carry my name and lineage if I join my ancestors? What am I doing with all these army of girls? I am going to marry a fourth wife to give me boy child/children.” He threatened his wives. Sha becomes a perfect candidate for that project. His phone rang as he travels en route with Jabbou his third wife. The Cell Phone Rings The cell phone rings and he picks it up. “Who is it?” He asked. “Na your sweet mango Sha.” “Sweet mango! What can I do for you?” “I am stranded on the way going to Brusubi at the turn table.” “I am also en route going with my wife to the Kololi Clinic for antenatal checkup.” “Who is it?” Jabbou asked. “Na special friend Oh! Special friend!” Alhajj came down and asked. “Where exactly? And wearing what?” Alhajj asked. “I am wearing black tights and a yellow pullover and yellow cap,” Sha explained. “Okay! Coming for you just wait there.” “Okay my love! I send my kisses! Muuu!”    “Get down!” He told Jabbou. “Why? Ago late for clinic darling, where to get motor?” “Here take money and find cab, me special friend need me help.” Jabbou is disappointed as she shed emotional tears. “What kind man be this, leave you wife at middle road stranded and go to help another friend? Me curious to know this friend,” Jabbou posited. As she waited to see the stranger. Sha with Alhajj Alhajj went and hugged Sha in front of his wife who stood dismayed and frustrated all the more. Mberry stood transfixed and amused as Alhajj asked them to get into the jeep and drove away. At Home Mberry held her breath and congratulated Sha.    “How could you do it?I really empathized with Alhajj’s pregnant wife stranded, stood by the roadside and watched her husband kissing another lady openly in public. She-God! Do you really feel anything for the poor man who hopes for a male child from you?” Sha laughed sarcastically. “He is a foolish illiterate who has money to spend and I’ll kindly chop his money for him and when I am satisfied I’ll discard him as tissue paper just I have done to others. My plan for him is not done until he completes the projects I have for him.” “That is Sha-Sha the She-Goddess.” “Do you now believe me when I say I have control over that rich Alhajj?” “Seeing is believing didn’t I witness with my very eyes today’s drama? I salute you with all kudos,” Mberry posited. Jabbou She pretended the drama never happened because her mother and aunts asked her to be a submissive wife in order for her children to be blessed. She went and fetched cold water for her husband; as she served him she knelt down and asked; “How was your day ‘mbaring’ (uncle)?” “We tell Allah tank ki,” Alhajj responded. “Your hot water ready and food too,” Jabbou announced. To be Cont.]]>

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