Jokadu Parliamentarian: Anyone born in the Gambian should be granted automatic citizenship


By: Kebba AF Touray

Salifu Jawo, the National Assembly Member for Jokadu Constituency said anyone born in the Gambia should be granted an automatic citizenship, regardless of the origin of his or her parents.

Hon. Jawo said this on Tuesday while debating on the draft constitution at the National Assembly in Banjul.

Jawo made the statement during his contribution to the debate on the draft constitution.

He said: “But if someone lives in the Gambia and his wife gives birth in UK or USA, two weeks after delivery, the child automatically becomes a citizen of that country. Gambians are doing it and are enjoying the right of citizenship by birth in other countries, but they do not want the people of those countries to enjoy the same right in the Gambia. I say no to that”.

On the Office of the President, he said the country wants to usher a civilized constitution, but faults the draft constitution for what he described as ‘empowering ordinary citizens to slap the President and the President cannot slap back the citizens’.

He unveiled: “This is not justice and I am not in for it”.

He said that separation of powers must be done in the right channels and in all spheres, noting that some of the lawmakers are advocating for the Assembly to be granted confirmation powers in terms of appointments into the executive and judicial organs of the government, and the Assembly is independent of the Executive and Judiciary.

He said: “This is not justice and democratic and I disagree with it”.