Jabang-Estate Residents Express Dissatisfaction on Level of Ongoing Drainage Work


By Assan Bah

Despite recently acknowledging the temporary stoppage of flooding at the Jabang-Estate, the community had once again expressed their dissatisfaction with the rate of the ongoing work at the Estate as they fear it will bring more harm than good as water is no more moving outside the Estate.

Mr Gibbi Sey, the Secretary General of the Jabang-Estate Development Association, said the ongoing drainage work is causing a lot of problems in the Estate as the water is no longer emptyingoutside the estate. “The ponds they made in the estate have stopped the water from emptying out of the Estate. This has caused flood in areas which have never experienced flooding before.”

Sey said they have informed the Taskforce that the steps they took to mitigate the flooding is causing more harm than good to the community because new areas are flooding. “They promised to come and check it,” he added.

He alleged the contractors were never supervised as they were contracted by the National Roads Authority (NRA), who said they were assigned the contractors.

Sey further said, “The contractors are not measuring up to expectations because what we were given in the outlook of the project and what we are seeing is quite different and it’s worrying.”