Issuing Threats Against Iec Serves No Purpose


Never in the history of Gambian politics has threats to the members of the IEC been so pervasive and repugnant.

Parties and political leaders should not be silent on such matters.

Any individual who issues a threat to burn homes and kill anyone is inciting violence against his own family. No one has monopoly of violence. Anyone could kill or be killed by another.

Free and fair election would only come if the vast majority of Gambians respect each other and are determined to ensure that the vote of each counts in determining who should manage the affairs of the country.

We would collectively ensure that all those who are qualified to vote get registered as a civic right and duty, irrespective of who they cast their vote for.

Furthermore, we should collectively ensure that those who have their cards go and vote for the person of their choice without any interference.

At this stage, messages should be directed at the citizens of the Gambia who should come together as one force to claim their birth right. They should not be induced or intimidated. They should be educated and inspired to see the vote as their weapon to guard their sovereign right to have a say on who should manage the affairs of their country and how.

A citizen without a voter’s card is a toothless bulldog that barks but cannot bite.