After the overreaction of the Israeli government by indiscriminate bombing of Gaza after the October 7 killing and abduction of men, women and children from Israel, the world has become outraged. This has led to two forms of reaction to the Israeli genocidal trend in Gaza.

Some have been calling for ceasefire and negotiated settlement of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Others have proceeded to recognize the state of Palestine irrespective of the reaction of the state of Israel. Norway, Ireland and Spain have promised to give their formal recognition of Palestinian sovereign statehood on the 28th may, 2024.

The cards are turning against those who aim to consolidate an occupier force in Gaza against the will of the Palestinian. The world is increasingly becoming more determined to ensure a two state solution as the basis of peace in the Middle East. What is important now is for the Palestinians to work together in order to prepare a negotiating position that would result to a unified post conflict leadership that will enable the grassroots to keep hope alive.