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By Saikou Suwareh Jabai

Catholic Priest, Father Peter S. Lopez of the Gambia Pastoral Institute (GPI), has re-echoed the concerns of the entire Christian Fr. Peter Lopezcommunity in the country regarding the declaration of the Gambia by the executive as an Islamic State which, he said, has triggered “a challenging and trying moment of Christians in the country”.

He added “These are challenging moments for us as Christians but I believe that with God, everything is possible. There was a Roman government but it is no longer here. There were other occasions that were so mighty and powerful but they are all gone. It is only God who still stands with the rest of His people. We are born here and we are all Gambians. We hold a Gambian passport and we belong to this country.”

Father Lopez expressed his concern in an interview with this reporter at the GPI on Saturday, 13 August, 2016.

On the message he has for the followers of the Christian faith, Father Lopez said he always advises them to stand erect, hold their heads high, for their liberation is close at hand.

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The Roman Catholic priest said the Gambian national anthem has stressed that all of them must work for the common good.

“So, whether I am a minority or whatsoever, we should always consider the next man, irrespective of tribe, age, nationality or religion. This is what God is about and He never discriminates. God teaches us in so many ways but we are not vigilant. When we are given power we do whatever we like. In the national anthem, we pledged that “we should strive and work and pray that all may live in unity, freedom and peace each day”, said the Catholic priest.

Father Lopez concluded that these words should guide every Gambian and that each of them should go back to our national anthem and makes it our daily prayer.

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