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Is There Any Controversy On The Declaration Of Results Made By The Iec Chairman On 13 April 2018 And The Rectification That Followed?


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The IEC Chairman declared on 13 April 2018, that the APRC won 18 seats and the GDC 23 seats. The figure was later changed, allocating 25 seats to GDC and 16 seats to APRC. FOROYAA considers APRC to be the party that should be aggrieved if any wrong doing is suspected.

Mr. Seedy SK Njie of APRC confirmed that his party has won 16 seats in Council elections and that 18 seats announced by the IEC earlier, was an error.

They have not been deprived of any seat. Counting was done on the spot and they knew the results before it was announced. According to him, the rectification of the IEC is accepted.

Mr. Samba Baldeh of GDC also clarified that his party has won 25 Council seats and that the 23 announced by the electoral body was an error.

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“23 was a form of a mathematical error and now that it is put to that, we believe that stops it. 25 seats is the fact and right calculation, but 23 was not the right figure,” said Mr. Baldeh. Hence according to GDC, the rectification of the IEC Chairman is accepted.

This is how matters stand. The IEC and the Inter Party Committee should take stock of the elections which have been held under the new political dispensation and try to remedy any shortcoming so that the Mayoral Election will reflect the implementation of the lessons learnt, to avoid future errors. Those who wish to challenge any of the election results, have thirty days to file election petitions.

Foroyaa has received only one complaint so far, of how the ballot boxes were sealed and the votes were counted, declared and posted, in connection to Jareng Ward. We will keep our readers posted on this developing story.

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