Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is There A Retirement Age For A Chief And An End To Executive Directive?


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This is the question that has been posed by residents of Sabach Sanjal District. The question the concerned persons are asking is whether there is a retirement age for a Chief. We will put this to the Spokesperson of the President.

Foroyaa did follow the issue of removal of Chiefs through executive directives. When people mentioned executive directives being given for them to act under Jammeh’s administration many claimed that those who carried them out were equally culpable. What then should be the reaction of those who are carrying out executive directives today? The CRC is engaged in the discussion for constitutional reform and many people are calling for the restoration of the elective principle in selecting chiefs. One would have thought that the government would freeze any removal of chiefs and allow the CRC to complete its constitutional review process and then act according to the rule of law.

Executive directives do not show regard for the rule of law. Acts are taken without any quotation of the law providing for them. Actions from the executive without quoting any section of the law providing for the action is the seed of impunity. If the Barrow administration continues on this plane one can objectively say that it will end up in the same place where the country has departed.

Hence if the president has any adviser now is the time to tell him that the principle of the rule of law negates putting executive directives above law. Suffice it to say that public servants that are made to convey and act on executive directives are transformed into robots and marionettes acting without relying on law, conscience or the national interest. This is a way backward, not a way forward.

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