The suicidal mission of Hamas fighters into Israel has led to the genocidal response of Israel in Gaza. The whole world is now calling for restraint through cease fire to enable Israelis and Palestinians to come to a two state solution. The horrible sight of bodies littered on the streets of Gaza is confirming how inhumane the genocidal attacks are becoming. Both Israelis and Palestinians are weary of the pain and destruction associated with the war. The demonstrations for the release of the hostages held by Hamas and the resignation of the Israeli prime minister for allegedly mishandling the war and the call by the Palestinians for a ceasefire have confirmed that the Israeli people and Palestinian people are ready for peaceful co-existence.

This is the demand of the situation that the international community must focus on. Attacks of the Houthis in the Red Sea, Hebollah in Lebanon and Iranian generals in Iran are mere distractions from the main fact that the people who matter, Israelis and Palestinians, are weary of war.

Hence the international community should isolate war mongers among the Israelis and Palestinians and give support to the vast majority of the Palestinians and Israelis who want to co-exist in peace.