Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Is The State Adopting A Heavy Hand To Deal With Civil Disobedience?


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The worst form of justice is collective punishment. This type of punishment emanates from using few people as examples to seemingly teach a lesson to a larger crowd. Hence individual perpetration of a crime may not be established but through interrogations one may succeed in getting evidence from one person to another who is seen in a video for allegedly witnessing a crime scene.

In most instances, officials will say if no one is prosecuted, fear will not be injected in people to bar them from repeating the same acts. At the initial phase of the coup of 1994, those in the council were classified. Some were seen as tolerant and others as intolerant. However, as challenges developed, the tendency to rely on a heavy hand to get one’s way gave rise to a legacy of impunity.

Foroyaa is alert and will be monitoring how the state will react to spontaneous civil disobedience. Will it continue to engage and diffuse tension or enrage and inflame tension? The future will tell.

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