Is the problem in Sanyang a legal , security or a national problem?


A Nation has to have values and system of addressing problems that are known and acceptable to its population.

Once this is the case the behaviour of citizens becomes predictable. However, if citizens do not share the same values and system of addressing a problem, chaos will be the order of the day as each takes matters into one’s hand.

If Gambians want a democratic society due process must be the means of addressing any infringement of the law.

Disagreement with the policy of a Government would be addressed by supporting another party that stands for a different policy while expressing dissatisfaction to promote change of policy by the existing holders of power.

Young people should intensify citizenship education so that youth who should vote will not find their ways in jail and fail to vote. The Ballot and not the bullet is the legitimate road to change.  Getting and using voters’ cards to effect change is the alternative to using  matches to burn buildings and maintain the status quo. Actions that will not earn the support of the majority will never lead to democratic change.