Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Is The Post-Civil Disobedience In The KMC Being Handled In A Mature Way?


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Foroyaa has been reliably informed that people are being arrested for appearing in footages taken by different cameras and randomly charged for different offences. The authorities should investigate to see whether that is the state of play.

There is no greater crime than to treat an innocent person without any material evidence except to be present at the scene of a crime. Spectators cannot atomically be classified as suspects. Such an indiscriminate way of fighting crime must result to serious miscarriage of justice and undermine civil-security relation.

The post-civil disobedience requires confidence building between security forces and the law-abiding citizenry. This is the only way to isolate and weaken anybody aiming to do wrong under the cover of civil disobedience.

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