Friday, July 30, 2021

Is The Notice On Kunkujang Mariama Authentic?


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‘Never Again’ is the slogan that was coined from a speech delivered at the opening of the victim centre to emphasise the need to prevent any recurrence of inhuman and degrading punishment or any gross violation of rights.
Hence it is important for the media to hold all officials accountable to the people by focusing on issues of public concern. The Land Commission is only an institution that has the mandate to deal with land dispute. However, the courts have mandate to hear cases on land dispute. It is therefore important that the Chief Justice who has supervisory powers over the courts to convene a meeting with the district tribunal and caution them on the implications of handling land disputes affecting communities and religious institutions or facilities.
Kunkujang Mariama has shrines. The following notice was presented to Foroyaa as an ultimatum emerging from the Sheriff.
“I write to inform you that the property you are currently occupying at Sanyang, in the West Coast Region and now rightful owned by the plaintiffs. To this end, all of you are hereby this letter warned to vacate from the said property on or before Thursday 30th May 2019. Failure to adhere to this notice will lead to your forceful eviction from the said property.”
The question now arises: Is this an authentic document whose content is actionable. If so, Foroyaa will contact all the authorities who could shed light on this matter and publish our findings next week. We hope all those who have information will not hesitate to share it with this paper.

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