Is the National Assembly going to have an emergency session today?



The answer is in the positive. Deputies have been summoned to an extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly on Friday 21st February 2020 at 10am in accordance with section 98(1)(a) of the Constitution which reads:

“Subject to section 97, sittings of the National Assembly shall be at such times as the National Assembly shall appoint: Provided that- (a) the Speaker shall summon a sitting of the National assembly- (i) when requested to do so by the President; or (ii) within seven days of a request for a meeting of the National Assembly by not less than one quarter of all the members of the National Assembly.”

The first extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly in the 2020 legislative year is to consider the ratification of agreements between the Government of The Gambia and the International Fund for Agricultural Development on one hand amounting 47,770,000 US dollars (about 2.4 billion dalasis) and another agreement with the Islamic Development Bank and the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa amounting to 17,300,000 (about 880 million dalasis) and 10,000,000 US dollars (about 510 million dalasis) respectively. The Deputies are to deliberate on these two agreements.