Is the media fully sensitised on how to handle COVID-19?



It is common to find different opinions being expressed in the media regarding the origin of COVID-19. Scientists say that it is a virus and they have traced its origin to Wuhan in China. They have developed means to test it but they are yet to develop a cure for it.

Some papers however are attributing the origin of COVID-19 to a curse and some even claim that they have a cure even though the scientists are saying that there is no anti-viral cure for the illness. Media houses should disseminate the truth or what they believe to be true. The minister should therefore organise sensitisation to enable media houses to disseminate the truth about COVID-19 in good faith and in the public interest. The population should not be confused. We should speak with one voice. This is not possible unless we have knowledge of the illness, its form of transmission and how to prevent the virus from infecting more people in the country. We must be sure of the cause of the illness, the means of prevention and the availability or non-availability of a cure.