Monday, November 29, 2021

Is The Independence Of The Presidency Manifesting Itself


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The lessons of Mankamang Kunda and Busumbala

Political supporters may set the pace for their leaders to follow or follow their dictates in perpetrating violence against opponents. This is why the political transition in The Gambia is not designed to be based on partisan politics.

The security forces are reported not to have taken any side in the conflict in Mankamang Kunda and Busumbala. There is evidence that they have decided to carry out instructions to maintain law and order without giving political party supporters to have the belief that the state was on their side. This is giving the impression that the Executive is instructing the members of the security force, to carry out their professional duties without any party affiliation.

What should follow is for that professionalism to be guided by the laws of the country so that no unnecessary force would be utilised to maintain law and order.

Foroyaa is observing how the investigation will be concluded and what will be done to prevent recurrence.

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There have been many injuries and it would be important for the executive to visit the injured and offer them consolation. The security forces were driven to exhaustion and frustration because of the stones and stand-off not knowing what to do, to confront the resistance by the youth. Civic education is necessary to convince communities that there is little to be gained in such confrontation.

The young people need jobs and earnings to help themselves and their parents. Such confrontation will not earn Gambia respect to become a tourist destination or investment haven.

Violence will always drive away investment, visitors and people of good will.

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