Is the Guinean civil society leadership abreast with their responsibilities?



All non-Gambian nationals in The Gambia should establish associations of nationals of each country and elect leaders who at all times would be in touch with the realities of their nationals and their own countries with a view to educating the Gambian people and leaders to be aware of the challenges of their nationals at home and abroad.

The recent incident affecting Guineans who were dissatisfied with the decision of President Konde did give rise to a case that is still in the courts. Their grievances could be best expressed in a manner that best accords with the laws of the host country. We therefore hope that government will consider the plight of those arrestees and then prepare the ground to create an avenue for interaction with their leaders so that they learn how to express their concerns in a way that would earn them listening ears and responsive wills to do what would add value to their efforts.