Is KMC aware of rubbish heap blocking road at Senegambia Garage?


By Fatoumatta K. Jallow

A rubbish heap which was generated at the ‘time of the recently celebrated ‘Tobaski’ and increased by the Set Settal’ exercise Garbage dump in the middle of the streetlast Saturday is still not collected and has blocked a part of the road at the place called Senegambia garage near the Serekunda market .

The garbage, which is soaked in water after the heavy downpour of rain in the past days, has not only made the place an eye sore but an health and environmental hazards with flies, maggots and other insects breeding in it in the midst of a residential neighbourhood.

A lady who sells ‘baobab’ juice under a baobab tree just next to heap expressed her disgust to what she described as “this deplorable situation”.

Jonfolo Ceesay said the presence of the garbage is harming her business as some customers would not want to buy food being sold at such an unhygienic place. She said this had compelled her to transfer to another place where her regular customers do not know,” she revealed.

“In addition to this economic loss that it causes to my business, I’m also exposed to the filth and stench which can harm my health,” she added.

Mariama Susso, another ‘Wonjo’ (local) juice seller, also confirmed the effect the garbage has on businesses in the area.

Ebrima Jallow, a cosmetic shop owner in the area, said the garbage was there since before the Tobaski feast and that they have reported it to KMC but that nothing is done to remove it. He also said that the presence of the garbage is having a negative impact on their businesses as customers tend to avoid coming to the area because of the filth and over powering stench.

They are all calling on the municipality to remove the garbage dump in the middle of the street.

This reporter will contact the Council to enquire whether it is aware of the garbage on the road and what they intend to do about it and when.