Friday, December 3, 2021

Is It A New Start? No Commemoration Of January 19!


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Many people expected January 19 to be commemorated in full force. It is the day of assumption of the office of President by President Barrow. This was done at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar because of the eventual change of heart by the outgoing president.

One year has elapsed since the peaceful transfer of political power in The Gambia. This was the first time change has come through the ballot box after 52 years of attaining the right to self-determination.

It is interesting that in spite of the significance of the day a public holiday has not been declared and Gambians are to maintain February 18 as a day meant for commemoration. However Gambians should not forget the impasse, the exodus of Gambians from the country or from one part of the country and the threat of war which hung over the nation. This should encourage us to test intolerance and violence and promote national unity and tolerance of diversity. Let us hope that the Barrow administration is turning back on celebrations in order to save money to promote the welfare of The Gambian people.

One year is enough honey moon. The second year starts clocking today. Tomorrow will be the second day of the second year.

Eyes are wide open. Foroyaa, the public eye will continue its oversight role to hold the government accountable as required by section 207 of the Constitution.

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