Is GRTS equipped to serve the nation?


The Gambian population has reached the information age. From Banjul to Koina the young and old possess mobile phones and are accessing information as never before. No part of the country is isolated from the information revolution.

Source of information is however very important. One would have thought that the national broadcaster would take the lead in disseminating relevant information to the Gambian population in particular and the world at large. It is not uncommon to find families gazing at the GRTS screens when news items from the national assembly are being broadcast. This confirms that the national broadcaster should focus on what is happening at the national assembly where the representatives of the people are supposed to look after their daily lives.

Democracy cannot be strengthened without the active participation of all the people irrespective of where they are in the country. The legislative, judicial and executive arms of the state must perform if there is public awareness and public concern. The key to strengthening our institutions lies in raising the public awareness of our people. We hope the public broadcaster will take note and equip itself adequately to serve the public good.