Saturday, November 27, 2021

Is Gambia Heading Towards Post Electoral Violence?


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As we go to press a standoff is taking place near Tombong Jatta’s compound, the current leader of the APRC. By 8.41 pm the cordon made by the armed PIU forces is providing security to the APRC leader and those in the compound. A large number of UDP supporters who should be jubilating are now assembled for confrontation.

It is important for party leaders to immediately go to scenes where their supporters are assembled to diffuse tension. A party leader who cannot influence his/her supporters to maintain order must be seen to be leading a mob rather than a party. No party leader should be leading supporters who are engaged in mob justice and no supporters of a political party should be seen to be engaged in crimes against humanity. The spirit of one Gambia, one nation and one people is what brought about change and the same spirit should bring about national reconciliation, unity and level ground for multi-party contest where leaders will come and go without any violence.

Power is never permanent.

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