Is Foroyaa’s Letter To The UDP Presidential Candidate, Ousainou Darboe, And The PDOIS Presidential Candiate, Halifa Sallah To Send Their Family Tree Or Lineage Understood By The Leaders?



One reader supporting the UDP wrote that such a request is questioning the ‘Gambianess’ of Ousainou Darboe and is an insult to him, the UDP and the Independent Electoral Commission. “Why question the image of a person who has contested four previous elections?” he asked.

It is therefore important to note why Foroyaa is encouraging both the UDP and PDOIS presidential candidates to publish their lineages. It is common knowledge that two UDP supporters did issue messages claiming Halifa Sallah’s father is a Senegalese and were expressing doubts about his citizenship. To avoid a war of words between these two parties Foroyaa thought that the paper could make such allegations to be reduced to thin air if both presidential candidates send their lineage for publication and thus end all rumours.

That is the motive of Foroyaa.

It is therefore important for the two leaders to contribute to national peace by publishing their lineage which will show Gambians have lived together for generations and even intermarried without anyone trying to prove that one is more Gambian than the other. In many instances those who use this card of accusing others of not being Gambian cannot even trace their own lineage beyond a generation or two. Foroyaa wants to put an end to politics of fabrication by publishing facts about prominent personalities so that their supporters will rely on the facts to change their divisive mindset.