Is Collective Bargaining Being Implemented To Solve Teachers’ Crises



After the long historic battle between employers and employees for better wages and working condition, the unions were given power by law to engage in collective bargaining on behalf employees with employers for the periodic review of salaries/wages and working conditions with a view to bringing about an upliftment.

One expected that with the existence of the teachers’ union The Gambia government had a partner to negotiate and settle all matters connected to the interest of teachers.

The current loss of contract hours due to labour disputes is unacceptable. Covid 19 has already done its damage to the school system. Poor collective bargaining environment should not be allowed to devastate the school system further.

Time is not on the side of the children. The authorities must act with immediacy to settle this matter which should not have happened in the first place. To allow it to continue even further would amount to gross misrepresentation.