Is centralised revenue collection affecting council operations in Brikama? PRO Declines to comment


By Lamin Sanyang The Brikama Area Council (BAC) has declined to comment on whether or not the executive directive for central government to collect all revenues for councils has any effect on the implementation of its operations.  It has been reported to this paper that the directive for the country’s revenue authority to collect all rates and duties is seriously affecting the council’s day to day operations as official vehicles and transports for garbage collection are grounded due to the lack of fuel. The council covers nine districts in the West Coast Region which makes it one of the biggest area councils and with the largest revenue base. It is being reported that there is uncollected garbage all over place in the markets, dumpsites and major streets in the large settlements within region and which is attributed to the lack of fuel for council vehicles. When approached to shed light on the concerns of the people regarding the uncollected garbage which they attribute to the lack fuel, the Spokesperson for the Brikama Area Council, Mr. Modou Jonga, has declined to make any comment. “We cannot comment,” said PRO Jonga. Asked whether the new arrangement which transfers the responsibility of revenue collection from the councils to central government has any implications on their operations, he said they would prefer not comment on the issue. Meanwhile, it was observed that many official vehicles, including garbage collection trucks, were parked within the premises of the Council. Uncollected garbage was also seen at various points in the Brikama market.]]>