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IPC Regional Visits Bwiam, West Coast Region


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By Hatab Nyang                          

The Inter Party Committee (IPC National) of the West Coast Region, Thursday August 30 August 2018, visited Bwiam village in Foni Kansala district, where they held a meeting. The IPC is a national forum for dialogue and cooperation between political parties, to promote national reconciliation in in the country. They gathered in Bwiam Village in Foni Kansala, to discuss matters that affect the political system in the country and to find a way forward. Bakary Saibo Sanneh, Regional Chairman of IPC West Coast, in his remarks said politics should not be based on tribalism, religion or creed. Sanneh said politics should be based on mutual respect of each other’s opinion; that political parties should desist from insults and character assassination of each other during and after campaigns; that after elections, we should shake hands as citizens belonging to the same nation, and put away our political differences, and embraced the elected leader move forward; that in Rwanda, eight hundred thousand people died within three months, because of genocide; that the Rwandan genocide was caused by an individual whose comments on the media, led people to react negatively against each other. He advised people to stop using social media to attack each other’s religion, tribe or to make comments that can instigate violence; that people should have political awareness and maturity to understand that every party has a right to go anywhere in the country to campaign; that it is a good initiative for committee members representing Foni Kansala, to engage in the sensitisation process in order to reconcile their fellow citizens. Sanneh stressed the need for people of Foni to be adorable to the new changes and embraced the reconciliation initiative for the people of the area not to deprive themselves and the generations to come from potential investors.

Awa Bah, a member of the IPC West Coast’s central committee and member of NRP, said Gambia is for all Gambians and no single political party, owns the country; that whoever is elected to serve as president, is a servant of the people and not even the tribe the person comes from; that the people should accept the decision of the Gambian people that brought about the change of government and reconcile and know that politics, comes and goes, but the Gambia will always remain.

Omar Bun Darboe, the PRO of IPC West Coast Region, said his committee is set up and signed by all political parties in the country; that all the political party leaders and their executives, want the people to respect each other’s view on the country and stop the insults and character assassination on social media.

Ousman Gaye, former APRC Chairman at the Brikama Area Council and IPC West Coast Region member, said Gambian people should accept each other; that democracy means respecting the Laws of the land and the rights of others. He advised that Gambians should not abuse democracy and should be mindful of their words.

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Bakary Attalia Bojang a native of Foni and PPP supporter, said Gambians should maintain peace and leave the Law, to take its cause; that Gambians should cherish the peace the country is known for and safeguard it for eternity.

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